noises from MELANCHOLIA

NOISES FROM MELANCHOLIA is Bona Head's fourth solo album and it was released worldwide on Sunday 25th February 2018, and is available now. NOISES FROM MELANCHOLIA includes 9 songs, all with music and lyrics by Bona except the track called "we1" (music co-written with Italian musicians 'Roy Tinozza' and 'Gabriele Branca').


The new album was recorded at Wonderland Studio (Cremona - Italy) and at various places. As "Keys for Healing" and all Bona's solo albums, production was by Bona Head, with engineering by Marco Connelli, assisted by Gabriele Branca who mixed and mastered the whole album. 

The album was inspired by Lars Von Trier's movie "Melancholia" and describes, through synthpop / symphonic atmosphere, the concept of his own beautiful movie.



- prelude

- ex abrupto (-)

- anode (+)


- we1

- mixed blessing

- the astronomer

- magic cave

- de profundis