COSMOPOLIS ...coming soon...

"All things are in the Universe, and the universe is in all things: we in it, and it in us: in this way everything concurs in a perfect unity."

(Giordano Bruno)


Stay tuned...!



ANOTHER WAY video is online!

There's no coincidence in meeting people. Every human connection, especially that of love, gives us the opportunity to see a lesson to learn, 
to observe our dynamics and overcome them. In this sense, destinic relationships are a precious training ground for our personal evolution.

(2020 - BHD / iMusician Digital Distribution / ReverbNation)

Available on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Vimeo, Shazam, Microsoft store, Bandcamp, SoundCloud etc...

Another Way - cover 1 (3000x3000).jpg


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