ANOTHER WAY video is online!

There's no coincidence in meeting people. Every human connection, especially that of love, gives us the opportunity to see a lesson to learn, 
to observe our dynamics and overcome them. In this sense, destinic relationships are a precious training ground for our personal evolution.

(2020 - BHD / iMusician Digital Distribution / ReverbNation)

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OUR WORLD video is online!


The countless sunrises, the unforgettable sunsets, the boundless horizons. The vivid colors and the intense smells of existence. 

Dreams. Desires. The eyes to photograph, the ears to record. The mouth, the lips to experiment... And the smiles as a tangible sign of amazement and wonder, despite the vicissitudes of life.
The enthusiasm, the energy and the desire to "pass over" the distances and the unavoidable "shady areas".
The awareness of being part of a "great union" destined to coexist on this "little Blue Planet". The world... OUR WORLD.


Dedicated to you. I hope you like it.

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