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Roberto Bonazzoli "Bona Head" (born February 13, 1978) is an Italian musician. He was the singer, keyboard player and composer of the Pop/Rock band SHW (from 1995 to 2010).
He mainly plays keyboards, piano, acoustic guitar and percussion (tambourine/shaker).


Albums with SHW:

- “Psycho E.P.” (May 2004)

- “Psychotheque” (January 2006)

- “e-life” (October 2008)


Solo Albums:

- “Colours Doors Planet” (February 2011)

- “The Path” (May 2012)

- “Keys for Healing” (February 2016)

- “Noises from Melancholia” (February 2018)


After 4 solo albums and 2 singles "Our World", "Another Way", Bona presents "Cosmopolis" (September 18, 2021). "Cosmopolis" is a concept album inspired by myths, legends, beliefs and fears of the human being... And more...

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